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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a huge problem. snapping tree branches, even bringing down entire trees. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. alex demetrick is live in north baltimore, with more on the ongoing problems. >> reporter: the snow is so heavy, it refuses to let go. that creates extra weight, which brings down trees, in turn creating road blocks between neighborhoods and help. >> reporter: the only trees being cleared on briarcliff road are the ones homeowners are removing. >> on the city? >> and that's an issue. when the street itself has been basically road-blocked. >> i haven't gone anywhere because of the trees. i had to cancel all of my appointments yesterday. and hopefully, i'm going to be able to get up the other side of the road today. >> reporter: the downed trees have caused some property damage. and it's made it difficult to get essential. those getting trapped can only get out by going uphill, the wrong way. >> so if you don't have really
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good four-wheel drive, you're stuck here. and we have been after the city since 10:00 wednesday night, to get should somebody out here to clear the trees away. >> reporter: fallen trees have also been an obstacle for bge crews, with repairs likely to stretch through the weekend. >> that sounds like a long time if you're without service. but unfortunately, that is what it is. >> reporter: meanwhile, heavy snow on the limbs tons -- continues to bring down more trees. >> i was on windsor mill boulevard this morning. and i saw about 10 trees down there. >> reporter: and a fog is still on -- thaw is still on slow drip. >> reporter: but even with all of the obstacles, bge is making progress. from a high of 200,000 outages, wednesday night, that number is now down to 13,600 people still in the dark. vic? >> it may be hard to believe, but some drivers have not gotten their cars back. cars that they abandoned during the storm. first warning weather coverage continues now with kai.
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he's in the web center with more on what is being done to help. kai? >> that's right, vic. the city and county are urging people to get their vehicles right now. hundreds of people got stuck in winter storms. and just abandoned their vehicles on the highways. some on side roads. while many were towed to central locations. but if you didn't pick them up yesterday, you'll now have to pay fines. today, governor martin o'malley talks to wjz and responds to criticism that the state didn't respond aggressively enough. >> it was a combination of the temperatures, the rush hour, the pace of the snow and also all of that pretreating that we talk about, accomplishing before major snow events. we weren't able to do this time because of that heavy torrential, steady rain that made any sort of salting impossible. >> many people around maryland are upset because of the storm and the response to it. we asked for your feedback here at
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victoria gottlieb hoover wrote in, i live in pasadena, and it came as a big surprise. any other storm, they were right on the roads. i can't complain. it just couldn't be helped. >> reporter: and joey say -- zoe says, i think what happened on the 695 was terrible. they need to do a better job of clearing the highways. you can send your thoughts to there is a link at the top of the home page. we did get snow. is there more coming? first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk. >> today's snow is not really a problem for anybody. it was during the daytime. and most of it for the most part just melted. there's a chance to see a little more tomorrow. maybe a little less than we saw today. this morning, we saw a batch of snow. moved off quickly by 1:00, 2:00, it was completely gone. 30 to 40 degrees now. refreezing. let's take a look at sat-rad during the day. very weak system. but it did create about an inch of snow down south of washington, across the
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baltimore metro, maybe a quarter inch fell on some of the old snow. right now, still have a lot of clouds. and did see a little bit of sun. during the weekend tomorrow. once again, a chance of a little bit of snow. and then tim is going to take a look at what we may see coming our way by the middle of next week. tim? >> well, definitely a little blast coming through tomorrow. these clippers coming through quickly. temperatures above freezing. they may dampen the roads a little bit. cause slick conditions early on. but they will move on, with hardly any real problems. nothing more than what we saw today, as bob mentioned. what we're focused on now is another strong system. a potent one. expected to take a southerly route down across the gulf coast and take aim across the eastern sea board. this could bring a powerful punch with it. there's no other way to slice that. we're talking about maybe a potential snow-ice mixture. something we'll have tope -- to keep a very close eye on. we'll have a better idea by the
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end of the weekend and beginning of the week. bob will have your complete updated forecast coming up here soon. back to you guys inside. >> wjz 13 is always on. check in for first warning weather coverage, for updates on the forecast, for live doppler radar any time, and detail on closings or delays, log onto a well-liked team vanishes without a trace. now, phylicia barnes' mother pleads for her safe return. mike hellgren has more on what she's saying. and a major new reward being offered in the case. >> reporter: it's a $25,000 reward. police hope it will bring in new tips in what is one of the largest missing persons investigations in baltimore city history. >> reporter: phylicia barnes vanished from baltimore, one month ago. now, there's a new $25,000 reward. >> it's like i said, it's priceless. there's no words in the dictionary to express my appreciation.
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>> reporter: phylicia's mom praised her daughter's classmatesmates for raising the money. and spoke about the investigation. >> reporter: the baltimore police, they keep in contact with me to let me know that they're still out there, diligently looking. however, they're still dead ends. >> reporter: finding nothing. phylicia was staying, visiting with her half sister in a reisterstown plaza apartment. her mother said that side of the family was cut off after what she told police about bad behavior at the apartment. >> she said, only i only -- i only let her drink one time. it was vodka, to let her open up to me, so she could talk to me. so my thought was, you had to get her drunk to get her to open up to you? >> reporter: police say they had no suspects. >> everywhere we went, turns out to be a dead end. just like now. >> reporter: investigators have found no physical evidence, no trace of the honor student, whose friends are devastated. >> i love her. and i'm praying for her.
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and i just want her to come home. >> we have everybody involved in this case, the fbi, homicide, maryland state police, all of our partners that were here from day 1, will continue to be here. and when asked this morning, major of homicide mccarne said we will keep up at this pace as long as necessary. >> and police do believe foul play was involved. >> reporter: and of course, we will keep following this case, and we'll let you know as soon as phylicia is found. murder mystery. new information on the death of a former high-ranking government official with ties to maryland. the body of 66-year-old john wheeler was found in a landfill in nearby wilmington, delaware. a medical examiner has just ruled that wheeler died from blunt force trauma, after being assaulted. after the mystery, wheeler was spotted acting strangely in a nearby parking garage, two days
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before his body was found. a dog set on fire. eventually, the dog died. suzanne collins reports. twin teens, charged with that abuse, go on trial. >> this is the puppy "phoenix ," clinging to life, shortly after she was set on fire in west baltimore in 2009. the case created an uproar that led to a special commission on animal abuse. >> her tong. -- tongue. her eyes. her pads are scorched off. >> reporter: prosecutors argue travers and tremain. she reports seeing smoke as she patrolled, jumping out to wrap the puppy with her sweater. >> we saw this dog. he was black and brown in smoke and flames and he was screaming and rolling around. >> defense attorneys say this is a case of mistaken identity and a botched police investigation. >> reporter: the defense attorneys did get police officers and animal control to admit, no crime scene evidence
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was collected. no photos were taken. and a detective was not assigned to the case for days. >> reporter: a woman on the city animal abuse commission with the schneider case on animals. >> one of the things that will be forthcoming from this will be that the animal control officers themselves will receive training from the american aspca in new york, which will help them to document evidence. >> reporter: several other animal advocates are in court. >> i'm just here because i think it's important phoenix have a voice and not be forgotten. >> reporter: suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, once deadly -- once again, the dog had to be put to sleep a few days after being set on fire. raising cash during these tough economic times. political reporter pat warren breaks down what you'll have to pay esctrafines for. -- extra fines for. . >> reporter: they paid to renew their plans today. only to find out they may be
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making up for the state's budget deficit behind the wheels of their car. with fines of $100 per point every year for three years. >> i don't think that's a crock of -- i can't say the word. but i don't like it at all. >> reporter: 500 a year for three years, $1500. >> that's a big fine for people to pay. >> even bigger offenses mean even bigger annual at the same at the same time payments to the state. failure to pay and you lose your license. the chairman of the house judiciary committee thinks it's too much. >> you get a driving suspended case. and the judge fines you $250. might send you to jail. but when you get out, you'll owe him another $700 for three years. so $2100. >> people are having a hard enough time makes ends meet now without tacking on something else. you know? it's ridiculous. >> way too much. way too much money. some of the stuff they're
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cutting too, i don't like either. >> reporter: governor o'malley has argued that it's hard to see the difference between a tax and additional fees. >> i guess technically, it's an exception. >> reporter: i guess the question is, when is a fee not a tax? when you're the guy proposing it. now back to you on television hill. lawmakers propose existing fines, rather than creating a whole new system that drivers cannot appeal. the weather outside is not. the orioles fan fest will be this weekend. mary bubala spoke with him today. >> reporter: brian roberts said he's excited to be in baltimore this weekend and really looking forward to fan fest. roberts, along with his wife diana, will host 15 families at this year's fanfest. they met them at the university of maryland medical center. where roberts and his wife
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dedicate much of their time and resources. in fact, he is dedicating a new charity, called one for all. >> we're finally in a place, where we wanted to create something that would be there for a long, long time. where other people in the community, orioles fans, could contribute and be part of it. >> roberts and his wife have raised $1 million over five years for the university of maryland medical center. when he was just 5 years old, roberts had open-heart surgery. so it is his life's mission to help young cardiac patients. denise, back to you. >> i think that's terrific. thank you, mary. as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz is proud to support masn and the orioles in the fanfest. fans will begin packing the baltimore convention center tomorrow. current and former players and coaches will be on hand for autographs. vic, don and marty will be there in the morning. 10 to 11.
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gigi, andrea and mary will be there from 2 to 3. and bob and i will be there from 3 to 4. still to come. eyewitness news. star-crossed. charlie sheen, admitted to the hospital again. wait until you hear who called 911 for him. it looks like an action movie. but it's all too real. how the weather played a role in how it ended. and weekend warmup ahead. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. ,
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on the verge of a revolution. as joel brown reports from washington, tens of thousands of protestors want the president removed. protestors clashed in the streets of egypt's cities, as thousands turned out for what they called "a day of wrath." >> this is a revolution for the sincere people of this country. >> reporter: in cairo, egypt's army moved in to try to enforce. >> egyptian government needs to understand that violence will not make these grievances go away. >> reporter: friday's protest was by far the largest of the daily demonstrations that started tuesday. protestors are angry over widespread poverty. they're demanding egyptian president hosni mubarak step down, after almost 30 years in
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power. and they set fire to the ruling party's headquarters. the pictures broadcast live on al-jazeera tv. >> the white house thinks egypt is the key ally in the middle east of the and provides mubarak with millions in aid. but the white house is reportedly considering whether to continue the aid, because of the protests. >> we are in continual contact with -- throughout levels of our government with the egyptian government. >> reporter: the white house also condemned egypt's blocking of internet and cell phone. because they are using facebook and twitter to organize. and demonstrators lost what could have been their loudest voice, after pledging to leave the protests. egyptian nobel peace prize winner, mohammed elbar day, has been put -- albar day has been put under house arrest. and thousands took to the
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streets in yemen, demanding that government step down. eight people were killed, including a child. in the middle of the afghan capital. officials are trying to determine if any americans are among the victims. the area is considered one of the safest in kabul. the taliban is claiming responsibility. back here in maryland. a tragic end to the search for a missing man in anne arundel county. the body of 31-year-old antonio susker was found this morning. in a creek in lothian. he disappeared this week. his family says he has physical limitations. winter weather has forced several drivers to steer clear of the roads. and the american red cross is being hit especially hard. jessica kartalija reports, volunteers can't get to donation sites. and blood supplies are at an all-time low. >> cheryl white. can i help you? >> reporter: 47-year-old cheryl
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white, relies on blood donations to stay alive. >> in 2009, march, i was diagnosed with cancer. and i had gone through quite a few surgeries. and during the last year and a half, with the chemo treatment and radiation treatment, i have received over 65 units ever blood. >> reporter: unfortunately, for patients like cheryl, blood donations are down significantly. >> so we have a very immediate and urgent need for donations now. >> reporter: that's because severe weather has created major problems on area roads, leading volunteers to cut back on donations. >> reporter: because of the weather, we've seen numerous blood drives be canceled. we've seen over 1,000 donation appointments be canceled or forced to be canceled. >> reporter: the american red cross says this weather has led to the lowest number of donations they've seen in january in the last 10 years. even more than last year's blizzard. making donations from other
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regions impossible. if we're not able to collect enough blood in our local area, we can often import from other regions of the red cross. other red cross units. because the weather is blanketing so much of the country, there is a shortage nationally. >> reporter: more than 16,000 blood donations have not been collected over the past week. our region provides blood to 50 hospitals in our area. denise? >> all right, thank you, jessica. and as part of wjz's continuing community commitment. you can volunteer to give a life. sign up today to donate blood tomorrow at the crown plaza on greenspring drive in timonium. for more information, go to, click on news. and look on the left-hand side of the page. >> really great feeling when they're doing that. and saving a life, as you know. desperate need. let's take a look at the weather. the weather will not be a major factor tomorrow. you can get out. you may see snow showers.
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30 degrees now. no wind at all. the barometer, holding steady. come back after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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salt pavement. and it may get covered again,
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bob says. >> i saw a little bit of my deck. >> some that are not treated. snow covered. already below freezing. so please be careful out there, on your front steps. it's goodbye -- going to be frozen. so be careful. this weekend, we have sun coming. particularly on sunday. tomorrow, a little sun. but also a few snow showers. across extreme northern maryland and southern pennsylvania. another light dusting. sort of like we saw today. take a look at temps around the region. 35 today. 27 last night. 41/24, the averages. and the normals, as you see. you have not seen that in a little while. 73 below are the records. 30 now, 39 ocean city. 37, above freezing in d.c. and down to 23 now in oakland. very light winds. not a major factor at all. a little weak system today. continues to head off to the east. but another one developing a little bit across portions of the upper midwest and great lakes. that will be heading down the
6:25 pm
stream there. the jet stream across pennsylvania and ohio. to our north, particularly across the mason-dixon line. that's where you're going to find the best chance of snow showers tomorrow. maybe 10:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon, a few snow showers can make it across the baltimore, washington area in this area. it won't really accumulate much. but you'll probably see snow falling. but by sunday, it will get cooler. yes, a few degrees cooler. and also dryer. more sunshine coming in. and the trend will be for temperatures to kind of drop even into next week. as you mentioned, there may be a storm affecting the mid- atlantic region by late tuesday and/or wednesday. exactly where this storm track ends up, no one knows. if it's off the atlantic coast, we could see snow. if it's to the west of us, probably a mix and even some rain. we'll check on that, of course, during the weekend. stay tuned. bay temp, right around 33. it will get partly cloudy later on. and colder down to 21. we have snow on the ground.
6:26 pm
temperatures really going to fall at night. clouds and sun. maybe a few snow showers and midday, 37. by 3:00, 4:00. then tomorrow night, back in the 20s. refreezing. will constantly be a factor. really for the next several weeks. as long as we have snow around the region. >> okay. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. on the mend, the latest on the health of nelson mandela. somber anniversary. 25 years after the challenger explodes. ,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30, 30 degrees and partly cloudy. good evens. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about. it was a shocking crime. a man tosses his toddler son to his death off the key bridge. tonight, steven nelson learns his face. -- his fate. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: this certainly was a long day in court. very intense, very emotional, leading up to the moment steven nelson learned he would spend
6:30 pm
the next 50 years behind bars for killing his toddler. >> i have justice for my son. i have justice for my family. we finally have closure. my son is now rest in peace. >> reporter: nakisha johnson said she has been waiting for this day for nearly three years. that's how long it's been since her baby boy, 3-year-old turner nelson lost his life, thrown off the bridge by his father. >> i cannot imagine what my son could have seen, what he did see, whether he saw anything at all, if he was asleep. those are questions i have always had, of whether or not he was awake during this. and to know that he drowned is even more devastating. >> reporter: in court, nelson cried heavily, as family members spoke on his behalf, begging the judge for mercy. and a neuroscientist testified that nelson was depressed and often hallucinated during the
6:31 pm
time of the murder. >> he never tried to minimize the effect this is having on his family and turner's family. it's a tragic event. and he really wishes he could take back all of this. >> reporter: now, the 50-year sentence is the maximum punishment the judge could have given nelson based on a plea agreement he gave back in november. nelson was given a chance to speak today in court, but he did not. >> reporter: the judge will recommend nelson go to the patuxent institute. the sentence does include the possibility for parole. a deadly end in montgomery county. and the snow played a factor in how it ended. mary is live with more on this wild scene caught on tape. >> reporter: it all started when the man tried to rob the capitol one bank branch. the suspect tried to get away from police by using a bank teller as a human shield. but finally, a huge slip on the
6:32 pm
slow and the teller was able to run away. the man was then shot while running toward police. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the bank teller was shaken up but not hurt. >> amazing. police say the suspect also had a fake bomb, strapped to his body. ravens star ed reed and has family have finalized funeral plans for his brother. the body was pulled from the river this week. he drowned when trying to flee police. somber anniversary. 25 years ago today, the nation watched in horror, as the space shuttle challenger exploded, killing everyone on board. terrell brown reports for wjz on the memorial services for the victim. >> the challenger launch was supposed to carry a schoolteacher into space. 37-year-old christa mcauliffe. >> liftoff of the 25th space shuttle mission. >> reporter: instead, school children across the country
6:33 pm
watched as the space shuttle challenger blew up. 73 seconds after takeoff. >> obviously a major malfunction. >> all seven crewmembers were killed, including commander, dick skobee. >> we were stunned to see the unspeakable unfold right before our eyes. >> reporter: nasa held a memorial service to mark the 25th anniversary of the tragedy. >> what we do as explorers is not easy. michael, vic, ronald, ellison, krista, gregory and judy knew this. >> reporter: nasa also acknowledged its failures. cracked o-rings brought down the shuttle. >> we who remain on the ground and asked them to fly, failed them on that day. >> reporter: there is a memorial at the space center remembering all who died. the commander's wife june focused on all that came out of the tragedy. >> our hope is to spark in our young people, an interest and a joy in science, a spark that could change their lives.
6:34 pm
>> five, four, three -- >> reporter: the anniversary comes as the space shuttle program winds down. only three more flights are scheduled before the program ends this summer. terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, anniversary events were also planned today at challenger learning centers across the country. metro has a new general manager. the public transit system has had a string of recent problems, including a deadly crash last summer. a shortage of operators and dealing with an aging fleet of trains, richard says he will focus on restoring the system to its former glory. loves this cold weather because it lets them play their favorite sport. pond hockey. what decorators say are the hot carpeting trends for 2011. and a guide to this weekend's orioles fan fest. remember to look for the updated forecast in wjz's first
6:35 pm
warning weather team. two baltimore county executives, six name westpoint graduates, leaders and politics. tens of thousands of kids, and maybe even you. attended baltimore county's camp putax. now, they have chosen the camp's patriarch, bob eldridge. >> this is where we do the dance. >> reporter: we go on a tour of the 400 protected acres of camp putax. you have to imagine what it looks like in the summer, with campers on the hill. and bob surrounded some of the 500 kids who fill the camp each season. >> we are sort of old-fashioned and play a lot of cowboys. you know? [ laughter ] >> reporter: bob has been using the old horses help the city kids thrive since he took over his father's camp. >> bob eldregcould have built
6:36 pm
-- eldredge could have built disney world if he had the money. >> from 55 to 64s i was there. >> because of the horses? >> because of the horses and because of bob. >> reporter: it was ahead of its time. integrated in 1941. girls were welcomed in the early '80s. and today, 25% are on scholarship. each horse, even the wild mustangs are cared for by the campers. >> we're not a riding school. we just teach them how to get on a horse. >> and have fun. >> right. >> reporter: more than a half century of fun with horses. a quarter century as managing editor of maryland horse magazine. and a lifetime of inspiring people. for that, the maryland horse council salutes bob eldreg. >> saturday night, there will be a lot of really nice things said about you. >> oh, yeah? >> i think so. [ laughter ] how are you going to feel about that? >> well, i'm sort of a quiet, laid-back kind of fella.
6:37 pm
it's nice. i'm honored. >> reporter: well, if you remember bob, and you'd like to help honor him, it's tomorrow night at 7:00, at the warehouse in camden yards. for more information, go to it will be under local news. >> those types of camps, seems like there's so few of them anymore. >> i know. and they're great for kids. great. next generation. but are 3-d movies and television, damaging your children's eyes? i'm bob turk. in the first warning weather center. a little snow perhaps coming your way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz -- ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a tragic accident claims the life of a fisherman. relsz cuers -- rescuers retrieved the body of the man last night. police say surveillance video shows him slipping on the dock and falling in the water. his friend was already on the dock and called police when he
6:41 pm
saw him fall in the water. nelson mandela was transported by ambulance after being treated for a respiratory infection. his trip to the hospital set off widespread concern. several reports indicated he was gravely ill. doctors say the 92-year-old responded well to the treatment and will continue to be monitored at his home. new information tonight about actor charlie sheen. he is out of a los angeles hospital and in a rehabilitation center. he was complaining of severe stomach pain. he has been in the hospital three times in the last month. in a surprising twist, one of his neighbors, who stars on the reality show, "real housewives of beverly hills," called 911 for sheen. sheen's comedy production is on a hiatus and they say they are concerned for his health and well being and support his
6:42 pm
decision. it's the latest top technology, especially for children. but what effect is it having on their eyes? kendis gibson has more for wjz. >> reporter: carlos gonzalez is a huge fan of 3-d movies. >> yeah. it just comes out. it pops out. >> reporter: he's part of a generation of kids growing up in new 3-d technology. it's in movies, on tv and video games. but some parents worry that all. those three-d images can be bad for developing eyes. some report eye strain and even nausea. that's because the eyes are trying to focus the two different images that cause the 3-d effect. >> those differences can pull the brain or confuse the brain. and that confusion can cause discomfort. >> reporter: last year, two dozen movies were released in 3- d. the technology so new, there are no medical effects on
6:43 pm
vision. but doctors don't expect it to have any lasting effect on kids. >> we know they go through life, looking at a 3-d world. they seem to develop just fine. >> reporter: but problems viewing 3d can signal other eye problems. the american academy of ophthalmology recently issued advice on what to look out for. >> scint squinting. having discomfort, complaining of eye pain. headaches. or afterwards avoiding using them because they do not see well. >> reporter: and doctors say if your child has any complaints, it's not a bad idea to turn the tv or game off and give the eyes a break. kendis gibson, wjz eyewitness news. >> doctors advise young children, especially those under 6, to stay away from 3-d images because the muscles of the eye have not yet fully been developed. >> yeah, well, my eyes are fully developed and i still get a headache from it. here's the closing numbers from
6:44 pm
wall street. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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slowly but surely, things are getting back to normal outside. bur are we due for another storm next week? wjz is tracking the potential of another storm. bob will have more on that. but first, lucky tim doesn't have to talk about it. he has to talk about tomorrow's forecast. >> i don't mind going first in this instance. we'll get just a little more snow. temperatures will be in the 30 -- upper 30s. so anything that comes down will melt on contact. and temperatures will start to melt things down, even from what came earlier this week. overnight lows get down into the teens and 20s. but for the next five days, that's a whole different story the for more, here's bob. >> back in the upper 30s. system melting. it will turn colder for monday. tuesday, a chance for a little snow. only 30 degrees. on wednesday, there could be a more major, well-developed storm. but right now, temperatures very critical. could be some rain-snow mixture. could be snow, rain, could be sleet.
6:48 pm
we don't know at this point. but we'll at least let you know that something could be happening by the middle of next week. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. remembering a special day in baltimore's sports history. >> it was 10 years ago today. mark has more coming up next in sports. [ announcer ] at h&r block, we find money others missed. if there's any way i can get a few extra dollars in my bank account-- for me, it really does matter. especially right now. times are hard. we want to get back every dime due. [ announcer ] don't leave money on the table. when we took a second look, we found that jackson hewitt made errors on two out of three returns. choose h&r block, and never settle for less.
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yes. i remember it well. like the song. >> you were there, right? >> i was there. >> a lot of people in baltimore going, i remember... >> we'll reflect a little and look at those dreaming of making it happen soon. packers and steelers. both teams made it to this point, battling numerous injuries, some of which are still a concern. rumors are that steelers' marquis pouncey has a sprained ankle, making it unlikely he'll play in the game. both have had to put the excitement of the conference total behind. the packers had four days off, after beating the bears for the nfc crown. they practiced today. their coach is mike mccarthy. >> i'm in the middle of a
6:52 pm
preparation. a preparation for victory. and that's really what my mindset is all about. and that's what we talked about as a football team. everybody understands what's going on around us. but we're prepared to win a football game. and it's imperative that we keep our focus. >> reporter: this was the scene in pittsburgh earlier this evening. steelers fans arriving by the thousands in the snow at heinz field for a super bowl rally. the teams will travel to dallas this weekend. and there are super bowl memories for baltimore. 10 years ago today, but the ravens dominating defense completed the franchise. first-ever, championship run, stifling the new york giants in the super bowl. it happened in tampa, florida. 37-4, the final. the topic of conversation on my radio show. retired ravens' offensive lineman said that that season and championship week seemed to go by so quickly. they enjoyed the process and hope it leads to championship
6:53 pm
success that baltimore enjoyed, again, 10 years ago today. the last time tiger woods won a major championship was three years ago. it was his victory at the u.s. opens at torrey pines in san diego. woods is there now, playing at this year's u.s. open. it's a place where woods has dominated. winless in 2010. here's tiger on a far putt. second straight round of 3 under par. six under for the tournament. that puts woods in a tie for 12. all eyes on john daly and his wild pants. to say daly is a colorful character. birdie putt on 6. daly is even better than tiger so far. eight under. bill hoff has the lead at 11 under. college basketball gary williams and his terps continue a road swing. they head to atlanta off the momentum of a road win.
6:54 pm
two off the steal. there he adds to the outside as well. maryland wins. terps now 3-3 in conference play. 13-7, overall. finally, a spectacular halftime show at the nba game in phoenix, netted an unintended highlight. the daredevil dunker goes right through the hoops. he didn't mean to do that. we'll get another look in snow motion. he just went right through it. according to the coordinators, that was not planned. he was not hurt. just a little embarrassed. and certainly the crowd rather impressed. >> my gosh. >> how many points do you think that is? >> 5? >> how wide around is that? >> enough to fit two basketballs in one person. >> proven. thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup. tonight at 10:00. followed, of course, by eyewitness news at 11:00. well, alerts have been raised in japan, as a volcano in the southern part of the
6:58 pm
country erupts for a second day and has been spewing hot ash and rocks as high as miles in the sky. forcing the evacuation of several families. scientists say more activity is expected in the next several days. but so far, no injuries. finally tonight, a gorilla at an australian zoo, walks around on his hind legs. mihail, who is 2 1/2 years old, is a western lowland gorilla. apparently has human-like behavior is not entirely new. no one knows why he does it. but zookeepers think it's just out of curious identity. >> obviously -- curiosity. >> obviously he wants to stand out in the crowd. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. there is much more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric. including the ongoing crisis in egypt, and the impact that has on the wowo,,
6:59 pm
>> smith: a day of rage as egyptians take to the streets, president mubarak fires his cabinet but refuses to resign. is one of america's most important allies at a tipping point? i'm harry smith. also tonight, the legacy of "challenger." >> "challenger," go with throttle up. >> smith: a quarter of a century after the disaster, a legacy of learning. and the american spirit. an amazing rise-- from defeat to can't be beat. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> smith: good evening, katie is off tonight. egypt's president, hosni mubarak, is facing the most serious threat to his 30-year-old regime. for decades, anger has simmered near the surface in egypt and throughout the arab world, anger over corrupt governments, poverty, and a lack of freedom.


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